XA1 supports 3 types of analyzing.

1/3:     1/3 octave (30 bands) in the range 25Hz to 20kHz

1/6:     1/6 octave (60 bands)  in the range 25Hz to 20kHz

Key:     60 bands tuned to a 5 octave keyboard in the range C-1 to B9 (8.2Hz to 7902.1Hz)

The Q (bandwidth) value of the filters can be scaled, this feature is most usefull in Key mode

or when listening to the filter output, as the display is not linear beyond the 1.0 setting.

The Release (fallback) time of the red bars can be changed from 1 = same as green bars

to 10 = fast.

Key starting octave, sets the low note in Key mode.

Gain: add gain to the display, 0 - 50db in 10db steps.

Range: set the visible range of the display to 15, 30, 45 or 60db.

Type: Peak or RMS display.

Peak Hold: switch peak hold on/off.

Calibration mode: switch calibration mode on/off.

1/3, 1/6, 1/12 octave, Latency < 20ms, Audio ouput of selected band, Peak hold,

Peak/RMS, Musical filter bands, Dual display,